Wednesday, September 28, 2011

halloween costumes

My son, like most boys these days loves to play Zombies on Black Ops. That is what he decided to be this year for halloween. My husband purchased this for him at Party City. Right now they have a coupon to get $10 off at least $25 costume. Halloween is my sons favorite holiday! Probably because he was almost a boo baby, just a few hours past. He has many costumes and wears them all well, he fits right into character when he puts them on. I am just posting the zombie pic for now. I will post the other ones soon.


This year my Destiny wanted to be a peacock. With me being a crafty person, I had to change a few details. " Indian Peacock Princess" I used a few items we had around the house. The brown baby doll tunic I took and added some indian colored beads to, purchased from hobby lobby for around a $1.00. The sweater I added some feathers that I had gotten at a yard sale last year. I sewed and glued the feathers on to  sequin elastic ,you can buy by the yard, around the bottom and sides. I also purchased some peacock feathers,  from hobby lobby, and added them to the back of the sweater and also cut and glued one of the feathers onto a safety pin and put it at her left shoulder. I took a few of the tiny feathers and glued them onto the baby doll along with some cheap bling crystals. I found a fuzzy feather shawl at a thrift store $2 and sewed some elastic around the waist to make it into a skirt, I found a feather headband and feather extention for her hairs. No Indian princess would be complete with out piggy tail braids in her hair!! She loves her costume!!
We will also add some indian war paint  and glitter to her face. Feathers are in this year so they are not hard to find and you can find all colors and prices. The feathers I had gotten from the yard sale can also be purchased at walmart, hobby lobby, or most craft stores. I am going to purchase some brown boots, which she will also wear all winter.

The Super-Crafty Halloween Costume Contest is back!

The Super-Crafty Halloween Costume Contest is back!

cruise giveaway

Register to win a 5 day 4 night cruise on Norwegian or Carnival Cruise Lines out of Charleston SC! And click here to see upcoming K104.7 Station Events at select Food Lion Stores where you can volunteer to become a Big Brother or Big Sister in Charlotte.
SCAROwinds and Kiss 95.1 want to see your BOO!  Take a pic of you and your boo and submit it here.  One lucky winner will receive a spooky makeover of their front yard just in time for Halloween.  Brought to by SCAROwinds and Kiss 95.1!
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Read more: SCARowinds Wants To Haunt Your House; Just Show Us Your Boo

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

layaway for christmas

Walmart is bringing back layaway for the Christmas holiday. Layaway begins October.  I am so happy because not only does it help to make sure your kids get that gotta have toy of the year.  It also helps with money!! I love layaway!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

giveaway at the giveaway train

Enter to win!!!  Ten lucky recipients will receive a Microdry Pets Gift Pack, including an Ultimate Luxury Microdry Memory Foam Pet Mat and other Microdry Pets Gear from the new line, valued at approximately $100.00!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

petsmart martha stewart giveaway



Enter to Win a Martha Stewart Double Feeder and a Martha Stewart Silicon Feeding Mat for your cat. I would love to have the set. They would be perfect for my 2 cats, my big fat cat loves to eat off of a mat, he refuses to eat out of a bowl. Where as my skinny little cat prefers the bowl.

 Click the link below to enter and win yours at Mommy Katie.




Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Chyna!!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl Chyna!! She is 11 years old today. Chyna is one sweet fun loving siberian husky. She has been one lucky dog in her days.!!We have tried our best to keep her healthy, but she always seems to get the worst of things. When she was a puppy, just a few months old she ended up with  parvo. My husband was determined to figure out just what caused her to get this. He checked every place she would go and everything she would do. He noticed that she had been drinking from his small pond, which seemed to be clean and running fine. He decided to drain it anyway. When he did he discovered the problem right off. There had been a dead mouse in the bottom of the pond!! Chyna had gotten very sick from this, the vet had said she may not make it. She didn't want to eat or drink, but I was not going to give up on her. I took one of my sons bottles and would spray water and watered down baby food down her throat every little bit. It took a while, but she did recover from it.Her first near death experience. The second was when she ate some mushrooms that had gown in our backyard, very toxic to dogs! She kinda went through the same kind of episodes as when she had parvo. Again she made it through. Her 3rd bad experience was when she ended up with a  swollen uterus  that was infected and poisoning her body. Her system was starting to shut down. She had emergency surgery to remove it all. Now my poor Chyna has heartworms, something that could have been prevented!! She is still going through treatment, but I know Chyna always pulls through ! She is one Tuff Puppy. She is definitely getting her own cake today and steak cooked just the way she likes it RARE!!

Remember, always check your dogs food and water sources they may be coming from other places than what your provide.
Check your yard for any fungus, sticks, trash, nails, glass anything your dog may get hurt on.
Get your pet spayed or neutered if you are not breeding
KEEP YOU DOG ON HEARTWORM PREVENTION!! don't even skip a month. It's not worth the risk to your animal.
Happy Birthday Chyna!

Check out ASPCA's website for poison control. Find out things you didn't know was poisonous to your animals!!

You can also get a FREE pet safety kit

Giveaways ending at midnight

Fun Saving Money Giveaways ending tonight.... Linsky Router and NuMe curling iron. Don't forget to Enter!! They both sound like really good products to try. Read the reviews and enter the giveaways at

Friday, September 23, 2011

Halloween giveaway

Enter to win a Halloween express $75 gift card . Check out all the cool costumes they have! So hard to choose!!Enter Giveaway @ fun saving money, ends 10/11
So happy to see Rafflecopter on this blog!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Greenies Pill Pockets

When you have animals you want to keep them healthy and well. It is a sure thing that your dog will need a pill at least once a month, either for a preventitive or because of an illness or injury.  We have always had our dogs on heart worm pills since they were pups. However, this summer we somehow let a few months slip by without their pills. Well to make a long story short our two huskies have been diagnosed with having heart worms. It is a sad thing knowing that we could have prevented this from happening. They are both now on a treatment of pills ,they have to take three pills twice a day. I was having a hard time giving them their pills without having to force them down there throat, getting my hand all slobbery! !  It was not on my favorite things to do list. My husband had went to petsmart the other day and found these Greenies Pill Pockets. They are perfect, fast and easy to use. Just stick the pill in the center an pinch the end and you are set. My dogs love these and wish they could get more!!! We have already been getting the Greenies dental chews, cleans their teeth really well and the dogs love them too!!
I went to the Greenies website to see what other products they offer, and while I was there I found a coupon offer for $1.00 off Greenies. Click this link refer 2 people to get the coupon and exclusive GREENIES® offers! Pick up your heartworm preventitive TODAY!!
 then print yours

Yo Gabba Gabba Twitter party

JOIN: @StacieinAtlanta @crissy @mommyinsider and @jollymom
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They are giving faboulous prizes throughout the party! You don’t want to miss this! All information on how to win can be found at website! There are extra entires for you to do for additional chances to win

Cat food giveaway @ sweeplng me

About: Science Diet has come out with a new Senior (11 years+) formula for cats! Sweeping Me is giving away five coupons for a free bag of this new blend (they all come with info on the food, too). This blend is supposed to help cats “defy the aging process.” There are eleven ways to enter this contest.
Contest End Date: October 7th, 2011

Pet savings

$10 off $65 purchase at Pet Smart Use code PERK9EM4.
Offer ends today 9/19

The Childrens place giveaway

Last chance to vote for a model for the Childrens Place. Enter to win a $50 Childrens Place Gift card.

Also last day to save big on the fall clearance 60% of online!! 30% off on Halloween!

Win a McDonald gift card

Go to Facebook become a fan of Mommy Saves Big and post a comment. Giveaway ends tonight 9/19. My son has to eat a McD's at least once a week or he will have a Double cheeseburger withdrawal!!lol!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Unique baby gear ideas humidifier giveaway

The Flu season is near, now is a great time for this giveaway to be prepared. I hope my kids don't get sick anytime soon or at all for that matter. I know its going to happen from the spread of germs at school and the #1 place to get germs "walmart"!! My kids like cool things so I think they would like the blue and white teardrop. Check out all the different  cute little animals and cool teardop humidifiers they have. Click link below to enter the giveaway.

play yard giveaway

Enter to win a S1 play yard giveaway. Ends 10/15

Giveaway train organic skin care giveaway

NYR Organic Skincare Review & Giveaway  Enter to win for yourself or save for stocking stuffers. Christmas isn't too far away. Ends 9/19

Dogtag giveaway!!

Great Giveaway at the giveaway train!! Enter to win a Dogtag from Picture it creations. You can get a photo put on one side and engraved on the other!! Giveaway ends on 9/19

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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Great giveaway on Funsavingmoney Enter to #win a Dermagist Gift Bag worth over $333 @funsavingmoney #giveaway