Sunday, January 27, 2013

Since my son has been sick yet again, I haven't been able to post anything. Just when I thought he was all better, he was back down again. Having a sick child can be very depressing for both the parents and the child. I think if the doctors could find a diagnosis and treatment for all of his symptoms it would take away alot of our worry. He has some test results that we should hear the result on this week. He also has a few more tests to have done this week and next. I just wish I could take him to one place with doctors who could diagnosis him without having to take him to different specialist that send him to another specialist and from one test site to another!! It takes too much time and too much money and still no answers. I am praying to find that one special doctor who can take one look at my son and say "I know exactly what is wrong with your son, and I'm going to fix it"!!

I have decided to change a few things so that I can make time to blog, because I still need to find time for myself before I loose my mind! So, be sure to check back for some exciting posts!