Friday, August 31, 2012


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Good luck keeping those viruses away from your little ones!!

Only the first week of school and my son has already been out sick!! I can't believe what bad luck he has catching viruses. Some people would probably think he just doesn't want to go to school, but I don't know alot of kids who like to go to school. I might would say that was  true if I hadn't been around him and see his swollen red eyes, feel his fever, hear him in the bathroom 15 times a day, and watch him lay in the bed in pain. These symptoms have also spread to other people he is in contact with, including me and his dad!

You can take precautions to prevent the spread of germs, but that doesn't always seem to work. I have a can of lysol and hand sanitizer in every room in the house and in my van, but what about at school? Do kids wash their hands before they eat? Do they wash their hands after they go to the bathroom and then touch the door after someone who didn't wash their hands and then come home with a stomach bug? Do they cover their mouth with their hand when they cough and then touch something or someone and then that person ends up with a cold? Do they bring a water bottle or do they drink out of a water faucet and accidently touch the spout with their mouth and come home with mono? These are all things to think about. Make sure you kids have a personal bottle of hand sanitizer to take with them everywhere! Also teach them to cough into a tissue, and to use a paper towel to turn off the sink faucet and to open the door with. Most importantly, "If your child has a fever, PLEASE keep them at home!" Even if your kids practice these important precations, that doesn't mean that the other kids do!!

I am really hoping that my son is over this by the weekend and ready to start a new week at school.  If he catches anything else this year I am seriously thinking about putting him in a bubble!! Just like Bubble Boy!! Please pray for my son to stay healthy and Good luck keeping your little ones well!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free Airplane Rides for kids!

This past weekend I was looking at the freebies on craigslist, and there was an ad for free plane rides for kids between the ages of 8 and 17. I know you can't always believe what you read on craigslist, so found the wesite and it's true!! They have a club called Young Eagles that teaches kids about flying. All you have to do is go to this website sign up for a free membership, find your local EAA coordinator and schedule a flight.

This would be such a wonderful adventure for my kids!  I am hoping to schedule a fight for them sometime next month. I haven't told them yet, but I am sure they will be so excited!! I know I am!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh my bunnies!!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for my kids! I was in the house cleaning when all of sudden the kids came running through the house like a herd of elephants and shouting, "baby bunnies, baby bunnies, we saved them!"  They found them in our neighbors back yard and their dogs were trying to kill them.  They were all excited... can we keep them, of course were the next words out of their mouth.  So we had 4 baby bunnies they were so tiny! Their eyes weren't even opened yet.

 I didn't have a clue as to how to care for them, so we drove up to Petsmart only to find out that they were extremely hard to take care of and they could even die from a heart attack. We also learned that they drink cats milk, so we bought that and a tiny bottle.  Before we went home I stopped by the ER Vet and asked them a few questions and they said the same thing about how hard they are to take care of.  They gave me a number for a lady that rehabilitates wild animals, I had then decided to call her in the morning. 

 When we got home we tried feeding them, but they just weren't getting enough. Anyway to shorten the story, my husband took them to her and she had said that they were so tiny that they were going to need to be fed by a tube, so glad she took them and I really hope they make it. My daughter misses them so much already.  They were so cute!!  I'm sure it won't be long until they come bringing some other kind of animals home!  Not the first time and certainly not the last, lol.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So excited to start blogging again!!

Yay, I'm back to blogging again!! I had to take a break because of family medical problems and trying to get my antiques and collectibles business going. Life can be very stressful sometimes and the only way to get through it is prayers! We are so blessed that our prayers have been answered and everything is wonderful, even better than before!! I am so greatful for my family!!!

Now that things have calmed down in the Fox's Den, I am ready to get blogging! I have alot of ideas and exciting things that I will be posting starting this week. I will also be sharing money saving tips and quick and easy meals. There are alot of giveaways going on right now and I will be sure to let you know which ones are the good ones to enter. Be sure to follow me so you don't miss out!!