Monday, September 19, 2011

Greenies Pill Pockets

When you have animals you want to keep them healthy and well. It is a sure thing that your dog will need a pill at least once a month, either for a preventitive or because of an illness or injury.  We have always had our dogs on heart worm pills since they were pups. However, this summer we somehow let a few months slip by without their pills. Well to make a long story short our two huskies have been diagnosed with having heart worms. It is a sad thing knowing that we could have prevented this from happening. They are both now on a treatment of pills ,they have to take three pills twice a day. I was having a hard time giving them their pills without having to force them down there throat, getting my hand all slobbery! !  It was not on my favorite things to do list. My husband had went to petsmart the other day and found these Greenies Pill Pockets. They are perfect, fast and easy to use. Just stick the pill in the center an pinch the end and you are set. My dogs love these and wish they could get more!!! We have already been getting the Greenies dental chews, cleans their teeth really well and the dogs love them too!!
I went to the Greenies website to see what other products they offer, and while I was there I found a coupon offer for $1.00 off Greenies. Click this link refer 2 people to get the coupon and exclusive GREENIES® offers! Pick up your heartworm preventitive TODAY!!
 then print yours

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