Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Chyna!!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl Chyna!! She is 11 years old today. Chyna is one sweet fun loving siberian husky. She has been one lucky dog in her days.!!We have tried our best to keep her healthy, but she always seems to get the worst of things. When she was a puppy, just a few months old she ended up with  parvo. My husband was determined to figure out just what caused her to get this. He checked every place she would go and everything she would do. He noticed that she had been drinking from his small pond, which seemed to be clean and running fine. He decided to drain it anyway. When he did he discovered the problem right off. There had been a dead mouse in the bottom of the pond!! Chyna had gotten very sick from this, the vet had said she may not make it. She didn't want to eat or drink, but I was not going to give up on her. I took one of my sons bottles and would spray water and watered down baby food down her throat every little bit. It took a while, but she did recover from it.Her first near death experience. The second was when she ate some mushrooms that had gown in our backyard, very toxic to dogs! She kinda went through the same kind of episodes as when she had parvo. Again she made it through. Her 3rd bad experience was when she ended up with a  swollen uterus  that was infected and poisoning her body. Her system was starting to shut down. She had emergency surgery to remove it all. Now my poor Chyna has heartworms, something that could have been prevented!! She is still going through treatment, but I know Chyna always pulls through ! She is one Tuff Puppy. She is definitely getting her own cake today and steak cooked just the way she likes it RARE!!

Remember, always check your dogs food and water sources they may be coming from other places than what your provide.
Check your yard for any fungus, sticks, trash, nails, glass anything your dog may get hurt on.
Get your pet spayed or neutered if you are not breeding
KEEP YOU DOG ON HEARTWORM PREVENTION!! don't even skip a month. It's not worth the risk to your animal.
Happy Birthday Chyna!

Check out ASPCA's website for poison control. Find out things you didn't know was poisonous to your animals!!

You can also get a FREE pet safety kit

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