Wednesday, September 28, 2011

halloween costumes

My son, like most boys these days loves to play Zombies on Black Ops. That is what he decided to be this year for halloween. My husband purchased this for him at Party City. Right now they have a coupon to get $10 off at least $25 costume. Halloween is my sons favorite holiday! Probably because he was almost a boo baby, just a few hours past. He has many costumes and wears them all well, he fits right into character when he puts them on. I am just posting the zombie pic for now. I will post the other ones soon.


This year my Destiny wanted to be a peacock. With me being a crafty person, I had to change a few details. " Indian Peacock Princess" I used a few items we had around the house. The brown baby doll tunic I took and added some indian colored beads to, purchased from hobby lobby for around a $1.00. The sweater I added some feathers that I had gotten at a yard sale last year. I sewed and glued the feathers on to  sequin elastic ,you can buy by the yard, around the bottom and sides. I also purchased some peacock feathers,  from hobby lobby, and added them to the back of the sweater and also cut and glued one of the feathers onto a safety pin and put it at her left shoulder. I took a few of the tiny feathers and glued them onto the baby doll along with some cheap bling crystals. I found a fuzzy feather shawl at a thrift store $2 and sewed some elastic around the waist to make it into a skirt, I found a feather headband and feather extention for her hairs. No Indian princess would be complete with out piggy tail braids in her hair!! She loves her costume!!
We will also add some indian war paint  and glitter to her face. Feathers are in this year so they are not hard to find and you can find all colors and prices. The feathers I had gotten from the yard sale can also be purchased at walmart, hobby lobby, or most craft stores. I am going to purchase some brown boots, which she will also wear all winter.

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